Listening to the Lagoon - Public Forum

July 16, 2017
Turn your dials to 106.3 FM/1550 AM

“Listening to the Lagoon,” the public is invited to attend a unique public lecture in which the community runs the conversation. Speakers from the Indian River Lagoon Council will start the discussion during the July monthly lecture at the Marine Discovery Center.IRL Council CEO Frank Sakuma, Jr., as well as administrative-communications director Kathy Hill, will provide updates about the status of the IRL Council, as well as on the physical status of the Indian River Lagoon and potential funding opportunities.The two-hour public forum will invite the Volusia County community to voice concerns about the lagoon, ranging from water quality, resident marine life, funding and political issues. In addition to local citizens, individuals who earn their living on the lagoon, such as commercial fishermen and guides, are also encouraged to attend.Staff members of the IRL Council present at the forum will consider all concerns as they plan budgets and projects for 2018. In addition to the IRL Council, members of the Volusia County Citizens’ Advisory Committee will also be in attendance to address citizens’ concerns.

The lecture is open to the public at no charge and no reservations are required.

For more information about the lecture, contact the Marine Discovery Center at 386-428-4828

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