Kid's Car Wash to Support First Responders!

November 9, 2017
Wadsworth Elementary School (Bus Loop)

Wadsworth Elementary School

K-Kids & Key Clubs

Car Wash in BUS LOOP

November 9, 3:30 – 6:00 pm

Drive out to support our K-Kids project to provide a THANK YOU luncheon for our Flagler First Responders. 

The proceeds will go to provide a THANK YOU luncheon for our Flagler FIRST RESPONDERS that were here for us during Hurricane Irma. The THANK YOU luncheon will be held in partnership with the Whispering Meadows Ranch, a ranch dedicated to enriching lives for those with disabilities and special needs.

We have invited the members of all K-Kids, Builders Clubs and Key Clubs and other volunteers to join us.  Also, please talk it up at your friends and groups!

For information, contact Mrs. Sanson (

We will serve them on Saturday, December 2nd at Whispering Meadows Ranch. $5 donations appreciated and will be used to fund the event.

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